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María Vogels - visual artist - Source


My boots make footprints on my path without making any sound. I carry a cheese sandwich, a small water bottle, some pencils, a sketchbook and my camera.

While I walk, observe and breathe silently, I fill my mind with forms, textures, smells and senses of Mother Earth. I have a lot of love and a deep respect for her. She is varied and generous with her cycles and rhythms. She feeds and gives energy to plants, trees, animals and men, including me. I always feel her energy while I explore the forests and the mountains. She's got so many secrets and mysteries to discover!

The earth is the source of my work. I paint, draw and make sculptures. I study botany, botanical medicine and geology and ran my own small organic farm. I am very interested in the Native Americans, because they have a profound knowledge of nature.

My work is abstract. It is characterised by unique paints, colours and textures that I make from various ingredients. They are based on my own investigations and experiments with materials. I paint layer on layer until the canvas or paper almost becomes like soil. As a farmer I mix the raw materials and as an archaeologist I dig, scratch, scrape and use the brush. It is a physical process to «cultivate the earth» with love. To me a canvas without paint is like earth without vegetation.

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